Welcome to share with us here in Kenya. I am a Pastor as well as a Home of Champions for God's Children orphanage and Academy. We are requesting anything to help us to support this children.

About the situation of the poor in Kenya I do the following;
- Provide basic education/training for the poor orphan children.
- Provide food, medical care donation and drink of the children and Poor community.
- Provide clothing's and create awareness of affect of HIV/AIDS
- Facilitates children staying in foster care homes awaiting building of their housing units
- Provide children with guidance and counseling.
- Providing biblical guidance and encouragement.
- Provide food & clothing's to the poor widows.
- To provide social education to how to use their local resources to reduce poverty through economically empowerment sustainable projects like IGAs.

Though I do the above , it is very hard due to lack of regular funds and in most cases needs overwhelming.
Therefore, If sponsors can be available for this purpose, then income generating activities can be carried out to help sustain the lives of the poor other than waiting for donations.

Finally, I have planted churches in most of the remote parts of Kenya where now several people even our church members have died due to the HIV/AIDS/hunger that have hit them. Conditions are very harsh now. In every place where our churches are there are very many HIV/AIDS victims or patients who can't afford their basic needs as well as medical attention.Especially widows are in the problems in rural areas
I am now take this opportunity to sincerely invite you to come and minister to us in most this place.